Top 5 Book Suggestions For Christmas 2020 For Teenagers





Top 5 book suggestions for Christmas for teenagers

Children and teenagers in the Internet age very often reach for phones or laptops, not for books. There are many reasons; the possibilities offered by the Internet world, e.g. applications such as instagram or tik tok, promoting yourself or meeting other people with similar interests, acquiring skills related to using them, easy access and a lot of stimulating stimuli - making it easier to reach for the phone and not a book that must be of special interest to young readers.

That is why I am coming to you with book proposals that will somehow attract the attention of young people and encourage them to read. Reading a book not only helps in enriching the vocabulary or focusing attention, but also stimulates the imagination, so if the child is skeptical about reading books at the beginning, you can also offer him an audiobook - for a good start.

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"Why Your Parents Are Driving You Up the Wall and What To Do About It?" - Burnett Dean ★★★★☆

A brilliant book as a textbook to read for both teenagers and parents to better understand each other. No one has been prepared to be a parent with a ready-made child's instruction manual, so I believe that the above book, as a guide / help for a parent / guardian and teenager, on how to better understand each other, help to go through the maturation process as smoothly as possible (which is a challenge for all family members) and in finding a common "language".
The author explains some commonly known 'typical behaviors of teenagers' with the help of science. Explains the differences between the mature person's brain and the adolescent's brain and how this influences the behavior and reactions of both parties.

"Hurt / Comfort" - Weronika Łodyga ★★★★☆

It tells about a teenager who feels lost in the world around him. His mother abandoned him, his father works late and the protagonist's only friend has extraordinary ideas. The boy struggles with loneliness, confusion and feelings of helplessness to the extent that he is unable to communicate with his father using words, so they use sign language as a means of communication. One day the main character meets a boy on a bus who changes his attitude to the world.
The story also touches on the homosexual thread of the main character, but it is not the subject of the book, but appears as background information. Instead, the author focuses on the feeling that the main character is lost.

"Gwendy Button Box" - Stephen King ★★★★☆

Cool, light and concise story. Few "juicy bites", most of the stories (descriptions or explanations of events) were very straightforwardly described without unnecessary improvements. The book is very different from the rest of S. King's novels, but you can still sense the dread, uncertainty and anxiety along with the main character.

"Wilder Girls" - Rory Power ★★★★☆

The idea for the story is very interesting - the students and their teachers were moved to an island where they are to be quarantined because of Tox, a virus that mutates the bodies of people and animals - they start to grow wings, bubbles and other additional "growths". One day everything starts to go in the wrong direction and the people on the island try to prevent a catastrophe ... The book is read very quickly, because the story itself does not give the reader an opportunity to break away from it.

"Alice" - Christina Henry ★★★★☆

Dark retelling of "Alice in Wonderland". The main characters, Alice and the Hatter, are in a psychiatric facility. They don't remember how they got there or what happened. They have very little time for the tragedy that is about to happen and unravel a mysterious mystery. Book suitable for +15 due to more "raw" descriptions of some events.


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