Interested in psychology!





May 5, 2022

Interested in psychology!

I have been interested in psychology for about 4 years. Initially, I wanted to connect my future with this direction, but as we know, plans often change or fulfill at different times;).

For this reason, I would like to start a new series on my blog, which is thematically related to psychology.

New posts will appear every Saturday! - the first, exceptionally, next Sunday!

Also for clarification, I have no experience or education in this field.

It's time to get to the main topic;

  • I will learn from books; Psychology. Key concepts. Volume 1, Clinical Psychology of Children and Adolescents and Clinical Psychology,
  • I will share my thoughts from individual chapters - one chapter = one Saturday,
  • I am very curious about your thoughts, so I am asking for a lot of comments under this series;)

Chapter I or Mind, Behavior and Scientific Psychoanalysis

1.1 Psychology; it's more than you think.

Reflections will appear on Sunday for coffee and cakes: D

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Interested in psychology!Interested in psychology!
Interested in psychology! 1.1 Psychology; it's more than you think
May 5, 2022
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