Basic knowledge about cats aka a week with a bright cat





I would like to start a series of thematic posts on my blog and today I will present you the first part.

"I believe in Karma" "Karma always comes back"

I will focus on a pet that is loved by half of the population... cats! Today tells about typical behaviors of domestic cats, which are probably well known to their owners.

''A week with a bright cat'' aka classy cat by Magdalena Ga┼é─Özi, book in the form of a comic book, it is a collection of funny illustrations. We get to know the main character, a cat named Ja┼Ťniepan and his human.

Drawings are a collection, a diary, activities that our big fluffy kitty has to deal with for seven days. We will find there the cat's rules that he tries to pass on to his human. Stuff, not only cat food, he likes to eat and where he likes to eat them. Favorite places to sleep and spend free time and, of course, how his interactions with his favorite pet aka human. How the cat gets along with its pet - the owner. As most cat owners have already managed to convince ourselves of the fact that we exist to serve the proud family of cats and not the other way around ;).

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